Changelog add-on


  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved compatibility with WordPress 6.6
  • IMPROVEMENT: Minor performance improvements


  • FIX: Banner 2 did not show up on some PHP versions in combination with WP versions < 6.5


  • FIX: for Banner 2 there was sometimes an invalid state, which made it impossible to configure it.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Multilanguage: WPML is only default selected, if it is installed.
  • REFACTOR: Google Consent Mode: improved check, if consent was updated
  • REFACTOR: improved JSON validation


  • FIX: Via the API you can now update new banner fields
  • REFACTOR: consent mode update now more robust when it comes to caching plugins
  • REFACTOR: renaming global JS variable in admin to more unique name
  • REFACTOR: removed wp_localize_script
  • REFACTOR: Using now wp_enqueue_script_module to enqueue new banner script for WP >= 6.5


  • NEW: Second banner available with different features. Please make sure you have installed version >= 4.1 of the main plugin.
  • FIX: PHP notice if WPML detection was enabled, in some cases.
  • FIX: Removed error if main plugin is deleted before deactivation of addon.


  • NEW: Added Hubspot Chat and Hubspot Forms to default blocking rules.
  • NEW: Added settings to change method to retrieve consent mode updates, to mitigate aggressive caching issues.
  • IMPROVEMENT: consent update gets own script to avoid possible caching issues.
  • REFACTOR: API Endpoints are registered always. Active check is done in callback.
  • REFACTOR: Improved error handling for Block Services Script (nscBlockScript.js).
  • REFACTOR: Added null checks to nsc_bara_after_update


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.5
  • IMPROVEMENT: Blocking rule: Google Analytics blocking rule includes now GA4 as well.
  • IMPROVEMENT: License Key is now masked and not provided in export anymore.
  • REFACTOR: Preparations for multiple banner support


  • NEW: Support for new compliance type: Differentiated Consent – deny
  • IMPROVEMENT: Works better now with cache plugins, like liteSpeed.


  • FIX: In some installation settings page was not available after installation of premium plugin.
  • FIX: JS errors in admin due to missing null checks.
  • FIX: dataLayer renaming was not working for default consent mode push.


Minimum version of parent plugin needed: 3.2.0

  • IMPROVEMENT: Google Consent Mode – update command now additionally triggered after every page view, if user interacted with banner before.
  • IMPROVEMENT: dataLayer name can now be customized for Consent Mode as well
  • FIX: no error in Google Tagmanager section anymore, if URL is empty.


  • NEW: Google Consent Mode v2 support. Added support for ad_user_data and ad_personalization
  • NEW: Added “All Settings” field to Im & Export section


Minimum version of parent plugin needed: 3.0.0

  • NEW: Google Consent Mode Support.
  • NEW: You can now reset your custom services in block services section.
  • IMPROVEMENT: API is now available, if banner is deactivated in admin settings. To disable the API the addon needs to be deactivated in plugin section.


  • NEW: Export and Update all your settings with the new cookie banner settings API. You need at least version 2.14.1 of the main plugin.


  • NEW: you can now use any SVG icon for the cookie settings tab. You need at least version 2.14.0 of the main plugin for this feature.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Blocked Services – made blocking services more robust. The old rules got now a legacy flag, but can still be used.
  • FIX: with some WP configurations blocked services settings window was not loaded.


  • compatibility with 6.3


  • FIX: If banner delay is configured, there was a JS error in the console.


  • FIX: non translatable fields were not stored correctly with wpml enabled
  • REFACTOR: switched deprecated icl_get_languages with wpml_active_languages. SUPPORTS now only WPML Version >=3.2
  • REFACTOR: updated update endpoint.
  • NEW: IM & Export works now for all languages


Minimum version of parent plugin needed: 2.13

  • NEW: possibility to append banner for real
  • NEW: change the order of the buttons
  • FIX: Settings for block scripts now visible, if banner is deactivated


  • NEW: added option to enqueue the blocking script helper. This might help with caching plugin.
  • NEW: Blocking Services can now block async. Needed for some caching plugin.
  • NEW: You can now fully customize the URL from which a tag manager is loaded. Even use a different tag manager then GTM.
  • FIX: blockingScript does not rely on HTMLScriptElement anymore.
  • FIX: the last entry of the blocking service can now be removed as well.




Minimum version of parent plugin needed: 2.12

  • FEATURE: Let the Google Tag Manager now be loaded by this plugin: docs and benefits.
  • REFACTOR: changes at the blockScripts.js
  • FEATURE: added new endpoint: blockedServices


Minimum version of parent plugin needed: 2.11.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: improved sanitation rules
  • FIX: custom services in block services section could not be saved proberly.
  • REFACTOR: custom services in block services are now saved with wp-json api.


The main plugin and the add-on had a security audit. There were no critical vulnerabilities found in the add-on. In this version recommended improvements to security have been implemented.

  • FIX: Minor security fix: added defined(‘ABSPATH’)
  • FIX: Minor security fix: instead of only sanitizing, the IP input for stats module, it is now validated.
  • FIX: Default capability is manage_options
  • REFACTOR: remove unused file and method.


  • IMPROVEMENT: Needed script tags got an id and data attributes to prevent caching of those.
  • REFACTOR: cookie and script blocking action hook is now as early as possible: lowest integer.


Please update main plugin to version 2.10.0, before updating.

  • FEATURE: user permissions are now configurable with capability
  • FEATURE: Consent status is now configurable, for close x and “just info”


  • IMPROVEMENT: added support for showing banner with delay


  • FIX: update to 1.5.4 was not recognized


  • FIX: Google Translate was not blocking all relevant domains.
  • FIX: With some rare webserver configurations blocked the blocking page in admin panel.
  • WP 6.1 compatibility


  • FIX: Undefined constant “NSC_BARA_PLUGIN_VERSION”


  • IMPROVEMENT: added google fonts blocking support.


  • FIX: caching problem: after adding a licence the new license was not recognized until the update transient was expired. Which took up to 24h.


  • FEATURE: added support for translating the custom close text.


  • FIX: youtube blocking was too greedy, blocked links as well. Please check if after updating the blocking still works as you expect it.


  • IMPROVEMENT: WP 6.0 compatibility


  • FIX: in some rare situations you were logged out, if using the language drop down


  • FEATURE: add a block list
  • FIX: in some installations there was an error message “Unable to load nsc_bar-cookie-consent” when changing the language


  • FIX: PHP Warning Undefined variable $success


  • compatibility to WP 5.9
  • transients are now cached per version


  • Improvement: added source to IP calculation for easier debugging.
  • REFACTOR: made get user ip nicer and added X_REAL_IP
  • FIX: all fields from api and header are now sanitized in stats module.


  • FEATURE: statistics


  • Bugfix: host name calculation for iframe was not solid.
  • Improvement: added fields for update.
  • Bugfix: fixed caching bug: result was not cached: so too many server request
  • Bugfix: removed NOtice from logs: HTTP_HOST in languages was not always defined.
  • Improvement: global message if license problems.
  • Improvement: validation is now with filter possible. parent plugin version >2.6.4 Delete update transient when storing license key.


  • Bugfix: under certain circumstances a 404 was produced.


  • added block services feature


  • added support for freely placable links


  • initial release