Filter for customisation


You can disable the banner in the frontend programmatically. Expects true or false.
You have to enable the banner in the admin for this filter to work probably.

Please keep in mind
  • This filter has no influence on the “Block Services” behaviour of the premium add-on. If you disable the banner by this filter the “block services” behave as if there was no user interaction with the banner.
  • If you disable the banner by this filter, no dataLayer push will


You can override or get the setting: “Text > Text for Banner”


Access the whole banner config as a JSON string. Can be decoded with json_decode.


Access the whole banner config as a JS Object string. Can NOT be decoded with json_decode.


Dangerous! Access the banner config array when it is initialized. That means that your filter overrides can be saved to the database and are visible not only in the banner but also in the admin settings area. Handle with caution!