Google Consent Mode v2 for WordPress

This Cookie Consent Banner Plugin for WordPress helps you implement the required Google Consent mode on your WordPress installation. We understand that navigating the intricacies of privacy regulations can be a daunting task. This is why Google Consent Mode is integrated in the Beutiful Cookie Banner WordPress Plugin. Helping you to achieve compliance a little bit easier.

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Some Background

Google Extended their Google Consent mode categories in 2024 by two new values: ad_personalization and ad_user_data. This cookie banner for WordPress fully supports Google Consent Mode v2 with those new categories.

Beautiful cookie banner WordPress plugin fully supports Google Consent Mode and Consent Mode v2 with versions > 2.6.0

Configure the WordPress Plugin

The settings can be found: Admin > Settings > Cookie Consent Banner > Google Consent Mode

Overview of Consent mode v2 configurations for this WordPress Plugin

To understand those settings in detail and what they do, please visit the official google documentation.

How to implement Google Consent Mode with WordPress Plugin

How to test Google Consent Mode v2